Short Notice Runs

If any members wish to request a run on a day when there is no organised Club Event, please follow the instructions below.

The current regulations to arrange Impromptu Runs for vehicles with Special Interest Vehicle registration are as follows –
1 The organised run must be available for other members to attend
2 The notice must show a Leaving place, a Time and a Destination
3 The notice should be posted on the clubs Facebook Group page
4 There can be only one run per day, and Official Club Runs take precedence

Show your posted notice on your phone as the Your Official Club Run Authority, or take a printed screenshot.

Only members who have applied to ‘Join’ the club’s Facebook group are able to post.
Members that haven’t joined our Facebook group can contact a committee member who will attend to recording it on Facebook

Here’s a link to the club’s Facebook Group page,
To join, click the blue ‘ + Join Group ‘ button. Confirmation isn’t instant so please plan ahead.

Here’s a link to the Qld Govt SIV restrictions page